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should you use a realtor to buy a home

Should You Use A Realtor To Buy A Home?

Should you use a realtor when buying a home: Pros and Cons

If you’re like most people you try to save money on major purchases.  So if you’re interested in buying a house, a realtor’s commission can seem like a lot of money. Their fee is a percentage based on purchase price.  What you get for it is days, weeks or even months of professional services and expertise.


Pros of Going Solo


Ten to 15 percent of homeowners buy a house without the aid of a realtor.  If this is what you’re considering here are some things to support your thoughts.


More Direct Communication

Working with the seller directly means that there is no middleman.  If you don’t mind working with the seller directly, cutting out the middleman is appealing. This way you don’t have to worry if your interests are being accurately shared with the seller.

Buyers Enjoy Purchase Price Flexibility

The bottom line for most is to save money.  If you are a frugal consumer, this might be a great option.  With today’s technology and the wealth of information online there isn’t the same need for a buyer to use a realtor as there is for a seller.  Without a realtor, the seller is more likely to be flexible on price.

You Have the Upper Hand in Negotiating

Because you are dealing with the buyer you may be able to understand how much the buyer is attached to the home.  For example, if you know that the buyer has fallen in love with your kitchen you may be able to leverage that information when it comes to buyer requests such as a lower price or repairs.  You’ll probably end of up not giving into or giving less to buyer request

You Have First-Hand Knowledge

If you are making an offer on a neighbor’s or family member’s house then a realtor may not make much sense.  If you already have a relationship with the person or know the details of the home already why not negotiate a better deal because the seller isn’t having to cover buyers agent commissions?

Cons of Buying a House Without a Realtor


There’s always the other side of the country when it comes to making a decision. Realtors get certified to take care of home buying  transactions for a reason.  Here are the things you should consider as downsides when buying a house without a realtor:

You Might Give Up Some Advantages

During the negotiation processs if you are approaching a selling agent as a solo buyer, they may ask if you’d like to participate in dual representation. You might think that this is a good thing; however, the seller’s agent will always have the seller’s best interest in mind. If you find that the home buying process is too frustrating on your own, you give up the advantage of not disclosing your financial situation during the negotiation process.


Hidden Expenses Hit You Down The Road

Agents are well versed in knowing various neighborhoods that could be more costly over the long run.   Maintenance issues and insurance costs can become costly down the road.  .

It Can Take Longer Than Expected

It isn’t something that typically happens in just a few days especially without a realtor.  It takes time to research projected costs, zoning, and other caveats along the way.  You’ll want to spend a lot of hours researching before making your offer.  It is also important to consider the opportunity costs of having a potentially longer timeline.  


If you’ve made an offer on your new home with the help of a realtor or not, you’ll want to start shopping for homeowners insurance. You’ll definitely save money by working with an independent insurance agent such as the Rusch Insurance Agency here in Utah.  


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