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Entrepreneur Mortgage

Four tips for entrepreneurs or the self employed when looking for a mortgage


Nothing feels quite like owning a home.  Many of our customers including entrepreneurs and self employed people have been frustrated with the lack of options or the difficulty of finding a home mortgage for their situation.  After working with Shilo Zitting and the Z Mortgage Team these people have found that there are solutions available to help them.  Due to their relationship with over 70 lenders, these customers have been able find a program that suits their needs.  Keep in mind that there are always going to be unique situations with each customer.   Shilo and his team have over 10 years experience.  Backed by this and the fact that they have hundreds of happy customers so you can be assured that they know how to navigate through the challenges and obstacles that come up along the way.  


What can you do to prepare yourself to be qualified for what we call a “entrepreneur mortgage” or “self-employed mortgage”?  We have four tips to keep in mind that will help you be prepared.

Find ways to improve your credit score  


Always be aware of what is happening with your credit score rating. This has a significant impact on the interest and rate of your loan.  Approximately one third of your credit score is decided by your your history of making payments on time. So do everything you can to make sure that this happens, especially in the months leading up and to and through the home loan process.

Always shop around

It isn’t always smart for you to discuss your situation with just one institution or lender.  Take your time to listen to multiple options.  Mortgage brokers such as Shilo Zitting and his team are always going to be able to find a better rate or program because of their relationship with over 70 lenders.  A good mortgage broker will always keep you up to date on an changes in the market that may affect you.  So make sure that your mortgage broker is keep in touch with you on a regular basis..  

How big of a home can you afford?

Your monthly loan payment  ought to usually be about one third of your monthly income.  Also, you’ll want to keep in mind if your income varies from month to month or is seasonal.  You may want to be more conservative in how much of a home that you can buy if your income isn’t stable.  You don’t want to be struggling every month because the payment is beyond your means if you income drops later on.  

Keep in mind the term of the loan

Most loan mortgages provided by primary creditors around the world is 30 years. Don’t be lured into a decreased monthly payment for a longer term mortgage in order if a payment with a shorter duration is feasible.  You’ll end up paying a ton more over the long run in interest for a longer term loan.  

If you are looking for an “entrepreneur mortgage” or “self-employed mortgage” you can be confident in your mortgage decision if you prepare ahead of time and work with the experts at Shilo Zitting and The Z Mortgage Team.



Attention entrepreneurs!

Now’s your opportunity to lock in our unique career professional mortgage product. *Purchase only

*95% CLTV up to $1.5 Million!!

*10 – 30 yr. Terms

*Owner Occupied transactions

*Eligible Property type – SFR attached/detached, Condominium’s

Gifts for 5% down payment are acceptable.

Student Loans deferred for greater than 12 months may be excluded from the borrowers debt ratio.

Employment can begin 60 days out from the date of the mortgage note.

Self–employed borrowers & Independent Contractors (1099) within the notated industry also qualify for this program.

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